Domestic Water Riser

By: Tim Carter

A Domestic Water Riser Guarantees Full Flow

A domestic water riser is a diagram that ensures you’ll have plenty of water at all your fixtures. Many homes and some businesses suffer from low-pressure water flow.  As a result, you may get scalded with hot water while taking a shower.

domestic water riser diagram
This is an example of a domestic water riser diagram. It shows water softeners, water conditioning, water heaters, all hot and cold water lines, and hose bibs. Copyright 2024 Tim Carter

A water riser diagram shows the pipe size diameter of each pipe connected to a fixture. The color-coded drawing additionally shows the size of the trunk line that extends through the building.

What is Better – A Home Run or a Daisy Chain System?

A home-run water supply system is one where a separate pipe feeds each fixture directly from a remote manifold. The manifold might be located in a mechanical room or a basement.

pex water line manifold
This is an example of a 1-inch copper manifold that supplies water to no less than 13 1/2-inch water lines serving fixtures throughout the house. Copyright 2024 Tim Carter

There are two distinct advantages to a home-run system. Chiefly there is a shutoff valve on the manifold controlling the water flow in each separate pipe. This valve allows you to shut off the water to just that one fixture while all other fixtures in the house still maintain full water flow.

copper manifold with uponor pex tubing
This is a 1-inch copper manifold. You can see the individual ball valves that can shut off the water flow to each PEX water line. Copyright 2024 Tim Carter

The second advantage is fewer joints that might produce a leak. There are only two connection points. One is visible at the manifold and the second one is at the shutoff valve at or under the plumbing fixture.

A daisy chain water supply system works like the blood vessels in your body. A main cold water line starts to run through your home and smaller pipes branch off this main line to feed each fixture. A joint is created at each hidden branch behind a wall or ceiling, Each joint is a potential leak location.

Hot water lines are also daisy-chained in houses.

Who Draws a Domestic Water Riser Diagram?

A water riser diagram is drawn by:

  • a mechanical engineer
  • a master plumber
  • an architect with deep plumbing knowledge

Tim Carter, a master plumber, draws water riser diagrams and he also draws plumbing plans. His overhead is much lower than that of engineers and architects because he works out of his house in central New Hampshire.

Call Tim now. He wants to draw your domestic water riser. Call: 603-470-0508

tim carter master plumber at bar harbor job site
This is Tim Carter, master plumber, taking a break from installing floor drains in the garage of his daughter’s home on Mt. Desert Island in Downeast Maine. Copyright 2024

Tim produces drawings in just days. As a result, you can get your job started much faster than using any other person.

tim carter master plumber seal
Tim Carter has been a master plumber since 1981 and WILL DRAW your riser diagram in days.