Food Truck Riser Diagram

Food Truck Riser Diagram

By: Tim Carter

A food truck riser diagram is required if you plan to prepare and sell food from a truck or trailer. The odds are your building or health department will require you to supply them with a riser diagram. This diagram must comply with the FDA Food Code 2013 requirements.

I draw food truck riser diagrams on a regular basis.  Call me at 603-470-0508 to get started on your drawing.

food truck plumbing fixtures
You’re looking at a standard 3-compartment sink and a separate hand wash sink inside a food truck.

Serious Health Issues

As you might suspect, there are all sorts of serious health issues when it comes to serving food from a truck or a trailer.

This is why most states and cities require the plumbing inside a food truck or trailer to meet the FDA Food Code 2013.

building department checklist
You can see the state of Kentucky requires several things to get a health/plumbing permit for food trucks.

What Is in a Food Truck Riser Diagram?

All the plumbing fixtures, including the gray-water storage tanks and the hot water storage tank show on a riser diagram.

The fixture connections to the gray-water tank are very critical.  You almost always need to install a floor sink in the food truck.

Who Draws the Riser Diagram?

Tim Carter, a master plumber since 1981, would draw your riser diagram. He knows the FDA Food Code backward and frontward. You will get a permit using Tim’s drawing.

tim carter master plumber
This is Tim Carter. He loves to draw plumbing isometric drawings. Copyright 2024 Tim Carter

How Fast Can You Draw the Food Truck Riser Diagram?

The turnaround time for a drawing is usually just four days. If you need it faster, I do offer priority expedited services.

CALL ME NOW to order your riser diagram: 603-470-0508

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Tim Carter has been a master plumber since 1981 and WILL DRAW your riser diagram in days.