Plumbing Isometric

What is a Plumbing Isometric Drawing?

A plumbing isometric drawing is a three-dimensional illustration that shows all the drain, waste, and vent plumbing lines that are in a building.

Why is a Plumbing Isometric Drawing Needed?

These drawings are required to get a plumbing permit in just about every city and town in the USA. The drawing indicates to the plumbing and building department that you understand the following:

  • the correct size of drain pipes to each fixture
  • the correct size of vent pipe to each fixture
  • the correct size of the building drain
  • the correct orientation and connection of pipes within a fixture group

The inspector wants to make sure you know all of the above information so they don’t have to tell you to rip out all the pipes and start over when they show up for an inspection.

What Does a Plumbing Isometric Drawing Look Like?

Here’s a typical plumbing isometric drawing created by master plumber Tim Carter. Call him at 603-470-0508 if you want him to draw yours:


plumbing isometric drawing call 603-470-0508

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