DIY Plumbing Phone Coaching

By: Tim Carter

Get DIY Plumbing Coaching Help on the Phone

You can save $10,000, $20,000, or even $30,000 by installing the plumbing yourself on your job.

I’ve helped many people install drain, waste, and vent pipes in new homes and remodel jobs. The best advice I can offer is to start with a plumbing isometric drawing. This drawing is your roadmap showing you exactly what pipes to install on your project.

Another key point is you must install your plumbing pipes according to all that is published in the Uniform Plumbing Code. I can explain things to you about the code on a voice or video call.

I’ve coached many homeowners who had no previous plumbing experience just like you. Each one has successfully received their final approval sticker allowing them to move into their home.

building drain pvc pipes under a concrete slab riser diagram
With my help over the phone or a video call, you can do plumbing like this just like a pro. Copyright 2024 Tim Carter

You don’t need to have expert skills to install plumbing pipes. You do need to be able to follow instructions and it helps to read my Best Plumbing Practices eBook. It’s a short read filled with many tips from installing plumbing for over 40 years.

Can You Do Video Plumbing Coaching Calls?

Yes, most of the calls I do are video calls. The second or third call in most cases is an inspection call. The homeowner walks around the job and shows me the fittings laid out to ensure the correct ones are being used and in the right position.

How Qualified Are You?

I’ve been a master plumber since 1981. I’ve installed miles of drain, waste, and vent pipes. I’m a master plumber in all 50 US states. I’ve done both residential and light-commercial plumbing.

tim carter master plumber
I’m Tim Carter. I’ve been a master plumber since 1981. I can help you install your plumbing.

What Does it Cost to Get DIY Phone Coaching Plumbing Help?

The price is very affordable.  CLICK HERE to see the current price. I don’t publish the rate here because inflation causes it to go up every six months.

How Long do the Phone Calls Last?

The minimum length is 15 minutes. You can purchase additional time in 15-minute segments.

Who Has Used This Plumbing Phone Coaching?

Zoe in New Mexico did. She installed all the plumbing pipes in her new home herself.

Walter Davies from Mountain Home, Idaho has done several video calls with me. He also had me draw his riser diagram for his new home.

Angel Lovings in New York took advantage of this service. She made no less than ten calls with me to help her do plan her plumbing work and do all that was required to get her attic ready for a full bathroom.

tim carter master plumber seal
Tim Carter has been a master plumber since 1981 and WILL DRAW your riser diagram in days.