Draw Plumbing Plans or Riser Diagrams

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Tim Carter has been a master plumber since 1981. Tim draws plumbing plans each week. He still does plumbing work out in the field and loves gourmet coffee.

tim carter master plumber at bar harbor job site
This is Tim Carter, master plumber, taking a break from installing floor drains in the garage of his daughter’s home on Mt. Desert Island in Downeast Maine. Copyright 2024

He’s the founder of Ask the Builder and still writes the Ask the Builder syndicated newspaper column.

Tim can draw the plumbing isometric drawing or riser diagram for your new home, a major addition with bathrooms, a kitchen or bath remodel, your restaurant, etc. in days!

Call him if you have questions: 603-470-0508.

tim carter master plumber
Tim can also draw:

  • light-commercial DWV plans
  • food-truck riser diagrams
  • washing machine relocation
  • new basement bathrooms
  • hot and cold water supply lines
  • natural gas or LPG (propane) riser diagrams with all pipe-capacity calculations
  • fixture unit calculations and fixture schedules

Here’s a screenshot of part of a typical riser diagram Tim creates:

riser diagram call 603-470-0508


“My plumbing plan examiner, who’s been looking at plans for over 30 years, said yours were the best he’s ever seen.” Terri Davenport, IA “

“Your plans are so easy to understand and I got my permit with no questions asked. Plus, you had them ready SOONER than you said you would. Thanks!” Tony McDonough, GA

Tim Carter
Master Plumber Tim Carter installing radiant heating tubing in his daughter’s home on Mt. Desert Island, Maine.

Tim is also the founder of AsktheBuilder.com if that makes you feel any better about his integrity and knowledge of all things about home building and remodeling.