Who Draws the Plans?

Tim Carter, a licensed master plumber since age 29 draws them. Tim’s the founder of AsktheBuilder.com.

What Do the Plans Include?

The plans you receive are a one-page line drawing created on 11 x 17 paper showing all the required drain, waste, and vent pipes for your job. All drain, waste, and vent pipes are labeled for size. This drawing allows you to acquire a plumbing permit and if you install the pipes the way shown on the drawing, you’ll pass your rough-in inspection.

How Do I Get the Plans?

Tim scans the plans and emails you a PDF file you can forward to your plumbing department/inspector. Should you need a paper copy, you can take the PDF file to a local Staples store and they’ll print one out for you.

How Fast Can I get the Drawings?

The normal turnaround for drawing the plans is 72-96 hours. Tim does offer a special expedited Same or Next-Day option for an additional $95.00.

After I Place my Order, what happens?

After you place your order you need to send a PDF copy of your blueprints to Tim. You also need to tell Tim where the sewer or septic connection is with respect to the front, back, or sidewall of your home.

Will a Hard Copy of the Plumbing Drawings be Mailed to Me?

Tim will send you his original hand drawing for an additional $49.95. If you want your plans autographed by Tim, just request that. When you place your order for the standard or expedited plans, just put in the NOTES that you want an original drawing mailed to you. Tim will tell you how to pay the extra fee.

Do the Plans Include a Material List of the Pipes and Fittings?

No. The only way a material list can be made is to inspect the job in person and determine where pipes can be installed with respect to the framing. You’ll have to create a material list yourself.

Do the Plans Include Water Supply Drawings?

No, but if you want Tim to size and produce a layout for you, he can. CLICK or TAP HERE to order this product. A water-line drawing is not required in most cities to get a permit to install your drain, waste, and vent pipes.

Do You Size and Draw Gas Line Systems?

Yes, I can draw your residential or light-commercial gas line system. CLICK or TAP HERE to order it.

Do You Draw Light Commercial Plumbing Plans?

Yes, I can draw your light-commercial plumbing plans. CLICK or TAP HERE to order them.

Do I Get Any Tips on How To Install the Piping?

Yes, you get a FREE COPY of my Best Plumbing Practices with each order.